About Us




We are an online clothing community, based in London and Lisbon. We design, manufacture, and release new products with the help of a worldwide community.



Our users co-design and crowdfund them into existence within a matter of weeks.



By outsourcing the initial stages of the creative process to the general public, we allow you to concentrate solely on the generation of innovative and interesting ideas.



You can submit your drawings, concepts and ideas online (drawing skills and techniques aren't important, just your ideas) and we manage everything that follows:


- working with a great team of technical experts to bring your idea to life


- organising a crowdfunding campaign for each product


- overseeing the whole production process


- and finally, hosting the finished item on our sales portal.



Users help us decide what to make.

By crowdfunding prototype designs created by other users, you determine if they reach the production line. And you’ll save up to 30% in the process.



Our customers are our designers.

Our customers are our trendsetters.

Together we're building a new way to do fashion.


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